Greg invites you to come aboard his Duckworth fishing boat to catch a river monster! Greg has expertise in fishing that allows you to catch one of Oregon's oldest living "dinosaurs".  Greg will provide you with the best bait, gear and knowledge that will allow you to relax and enjoy the day on the beautiful Columbia River in The Dalles, OR. Greg and his deckhands will ensure that you are able to reel in a river monster if you dare tangle with the sturgeon river monster. If you have any questions or would like to contact Greg to book a charter or to get a quote don't hesitate to call him at 541-980-0078. Thanks for stopping in!

Catch a River Monster!

 Fun Facts about Sturgeon:

-They are bottom feeders

-They don't have teeth!

 -Sturgeon are occasionally seen jumping clear out of the water (breaching). It is unknown why sturgeon breach, although it has been suggested that they may be attempting to rid themselves of parasites.